About Us

Since 1978 Dragotti & Associati helps Italian and foreign investors in nurturing and protecting technological innovations and corporate brand names.

More than 40 years experience

Dragotti & Associati is an Italian patent and trademark consulting firm which specialises in all matters relating to industrial and intellectual property.

This activity encompasses professional services for studying, drafting and filing patent, utility model, design and trademark applications. We also offer a service for drafting infringements/validity opinions, technical assistance in patent and trademark litigations and integrated services for managing IP portofolios.

We also offer highly specialised legal assistance, advisory in public contributions and evaluation of intangible assets.


Filing and Prosecution

We follow directly the prosecution of applications filed with the EPO, WIPO, OHIM and with the Italian Patent and Trademark Office (UIBM); we collaborate with foreign associates in case of applications filed with local national patent and trademark offices.


IP Asset Protection on the Internet

We protect IP assets on the Internet offering domain names retrievals and custom made watching services for the web.


Drafting Validity / Infringements Opinions

One of our main activities is represented by drafting validity/infringement opinions and by providing the technical assistance in case of patent and trademark litigations; our attorneys are frequently appointed by the Court as technical experts of the Judge.


Management of IP Rights Portfolio

Dragotti & Associati deals with all the services connected to the management of an industrial property rights portfolio, such as translating foreign patent/applications, attending to on-line searches/watching services, annuities payment, recording assignments or licenses, etc..


Public Contributions

The main objective is to offer support and assistance for the participation in programs and initiatives for public funding for patenting processes and trademark registration at Italian, European and international level further the collaboration at local, national and European level in the field of Research, Technological Development and Innovation (RTDI) and the transfer of research results.


Intangible Assets Evaluation

We offer a service specialised in evaluation of intangible assets, namely IP rights. Our team combines the expertise of financial analysts with that of patent and trademark attorneys to provide clients with a full range assistance in the evaluation process.