COVID-19: emergency contacts

Dear clients and colleagues,

In order to protect our people, and following recommendations from the Italian Government, we have decided to implement home office a few weeks ago.

All our attorneys and staff are online and have secure remote access to our files and are able to ensure the continuity of our services.

Our offices will still be open but with limited coverage only to guarantee those services that cannot be operated from remote.

All of your usual contacts at Dragotti are reachable via email but if you need to urgently contact us by telephone, we suggest to use the following cellular phones:

– Patents: Roberto Pistolesi +393351227014
– Trademarks: Giulia Lavizzari +393318995225
– Public Funding: Rebecca Boasso +393474583459
– Legal: Debora Brambilla +393458058512
– Administrative Services: Andrea StortiĀ +393357269947