Cases and examples

22 April 2024

Counterfeiting: how to recognize it and how to defend yourself

The copying of original products (which may concern, depending on the case, the infringement of patents, designs and models, and even trademarks) represents a real scourge that infects the economic and social fabric of our time. This is not only a serious problem for companies that invest in research, development and innovation, but also sometimes a danger to the health and safety of consumers.

Cases and examples

22 March 2019

CJEU decided that an SPC cannot be granted for a new formulation of an old active ingredien

The CJEU has just issued the judgement in the C-443/17 case (Abraxane).

Cases and examples

08 February 2019

May 1, 2017.

With a decision dated May 1, 2017, the CAFC ruled that a commercial agreement concerning a specific pharmaceutical composition and the related dosages, in combination with a press release announcing the existence of the agreement without disclosing the technical details thereof, is an obstacle to the patentability of the pharmaceutical composition, although the claimed characteristics were not disclosed in the agreement.