Dragotti & Associati acquires Franco Martegani S.r.l., expanding in the Monza-Brianza area

Milan, Thursday 7 July 2022 – Today Dragotti & Associati has perfected the acquisition of 100% of the company shares of Franco Martegani, a renowned intellectual property consultancy firm based in Monza.

Franco Martegani, founded in 1988 by Geom. Franco Martegani, represents a real “boutique” in the field of intellectual property consultancy and does not overlap with the existing activities of Dragotti & Associati. As a matter of fact, the two companies will continue to operate independently and continuously; however, Franco Martegani’s customers will be able to take advantage of additional services already offered by Dragotti & Associati, such as legal advice, public funding, economic evaluation of IP rights and assistance in the management of Patent Box practices.

Signing with Franco Martegani’s shareholders, our firm has further strengthened its external growth strategy, aimed at expanding the sphere of influence on the territory, expanding the number of professionals and satisfying in the best possible way the needs of our clients.

This process began two years ago with the entry of Gabriella Calvani and part of the professional and administrative staff of Calvani, Salvi & Veronelli into Dragotti & Associati; and today’s acquisition has led us to establish a garrison in the province of Monza-Brianza, an area characterized by a strong presence of small and medium-sized manufacturing companies.

However, the acquisition of Franco Martegani is not only an important strategic addition but also has a symbolic value for Dragotti & Associati.

Gianfranco Dragotti, founding partner and member of the Board of Directors of Dragotti & Associati, personally knew the founder Franco Martegani: the two had in fact started their career at the same studio in Milan at the end of the 1960s, forming a friendship that continued for almost half a century. After having separated to then found their respective firm, today their paths are reunited, at least spiritually: the common roots of the two founders have facilitated this union, since both realities were born and grew up following the same set of values in terms of approach and service to the client on one side and “family” relationship with employees and collaborators on the other side.

Today we are writing a new important page in the history of our Company with interesting possibilities for our
present and future customers.