Form of protection that covers the external appearance of a product, where aesthetics wins over functionality.

What is design

Design (models and drawings) is a form of protection that covers the external appearance of a product with particular reference to lines, contours, colors, shape, structure and / or materials. No functional value is required but only a purely aesthetic relief. In the case of the design, the protection is called “registration” and has a duration of five years which can be extended up to a maximum of 25 years.

Even detached parts of a complex product can be registered as a design and multiple filing for multiple designs is allowed as long as they are intended for products of the same product class. Since 2002, community designs have also been introduced which represent a unitary protection title for the entire territory of the European Community. Registration takes place at the EUIPO, follows the national design legislation and has the same duration (five years, extendable up to 25).